We sell safety, not just swimwear

Designed in Australia

Ethically handmade in Indonesia

60 day returns

No questions asked returns

SPF50+ Sun Safe

SPF 50+ using recycled fabrics, made in ethical factories

"The best bright kids swimwear on the market"


I've been searching for a product like this for years. Finally, a way of keeping track of my energetic beach lover. Quality is fantastic and love that it's Aussie made. Suzie

Thank you Brashies

You've solved some pretty big problems for us. Our kids are very close together in age and a trip to the beach can be really difficult. We love the cool designs and very happy with our swimmers. Jacky

Lost and found

I lost my little girl at a crowded beach. I looked away for 2 mins and she was gone. I freaked out thinking the worst, that she wondered into the water.... Turns out she was playing with kids 20 metres away the beach was just packed with kids. Hence the reason for me finding you on google! Sarah

Exploring all corners of Australia

Proudly founded and created in Australia, Brashies is focused on exploring all angles of our incredible waterways to provide safety, fun and community support across our diverse country.

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Hey we are Claire & Vanessa

Anyone else have that little seagull chaser that is out of sight before you even get the umbrella up? Yeah us too!

We are Claire and Vanessa and we are two Aussie mum's who found the early years with kids at the beach a complete punish. 

With 5 kids between us, we would always try to purchase swimwear that ticked the boxes of sun safe, good fit and quite frankly, not covered top to tail in Disney characters. One of our other priorities was as bright as possible. Problem was, this wasn't always easy and quality was the first thing that suffered. 

Proudly founded in Australia, Brashies is committed to providing quality swimwear using ethical production and supporting small business wherever we can. 

Lets make it easy to find our kids! See you at the beach.