Destination Discount


The holidays are approaching and we're celebrating with the ultimate beach adventure.

At 9am on Thursday 28th of March (AEST) we are releasing 25 beach destinations. Each destination represents a unique discount code.


Take a (virtual) trip to your favourite beach and get HUGE discounts. 

With holidays on their way, we are sending you all off on an adventure to find the biggest discount.


The rules are simple:

1. Each beach destination represents a discount code

2. Each discount code is limited to one use only

3. Once a code is used it automatically expires

4. ALL codes represent a discount (10-100% off)

5. All codes expire in 48 hours


NOTE: If you abandon one destination to try your luck for another, someone else may use it in the meantime!
You try for more, you may lose it all!


*Maximum claim up to $300